Mary Petersen, L.M.S.W., A.C.S.W., P.C. Search… Heal… Solve… Thrive…

What I Can Do For You…

If you are reading this, your journey toward feeling better has already begun!  I have made this process as simple as possible so that treatment can focus exclusively on you.  Many people report that it is hard to take the first step to find a therapist, but once you call, it already starts to get easier.  And your initial phone consultation is free.

I can help you organize your thoughts, find your voice, find your direction, get “unstuck,” and communicate with others.  I can help you find a way to sort out and express your feelings, and I can be your sounding board and your mirror.  I can help you find yourself.  I am direct, honest, and to the point.  I take great care to help you feel safe and comfortable, but also to challenge you so that you can have the most success at achieving your goals in therapy.

Consider what you want to achieve.  You may have some goals already, but you may discover that your ultimate goal may even be different from the primary goal you present when you first come in for therapy.  Sometimes, after peeling the proverbial onion and seeing the many layers of you reveal themselves through treatment, the goal changes.  And that’s okay.

You can expect:

  • A free phone consultation.
  • The strictest confidentiality and standards of safety.
  • An office environment that is comfortable, private, and simple, as well as easy to locate, with free, convenient parking.
  • An initial meeting in person where we continue to build rapport, get acquainted, confirm that the therapeutic relationship is a good fit, review your history, and plan your goals for and approximate length and frequency of treatment.
  • A diagnosis.
  • A series of sessions that are usually 50 minutes in length.
  • Feedback from me about how you are doing – questions, suggestions (never advice!) and interaction in session, but definitely not just a silent, listening ear! And some humor always helps.
  • Possibly homework in between sessions, such as suggested reading or journaling.
  • The ability for me to consult with other professionals (doctors, lawyers, and the like) by phone or in writing to coordinate care or provide support – provided you sign a release to give permission.
  • Referrals to experienced physicians with whom I work closely in the event that the need for prescription medication (or other services I do not offer) presents itself – and therapy can continue with me simultaneously.
  • Termination of treatment at a reasonable time, with preparation.
  • Referral to another therapist if requested or if it is determined that the therapeutic relationship is not a good fit.