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Theory of practice


My theory of practice is “eclectic” – meaning that it is a combination of more than one theory. I am aware that, at times, a therapist will say this because they are unsure of what they believe. However, my intent is to draw from my experience to “meet a client where they’re at”- to use what fits when it is appropriate. My practice mainly draws a little bit from Humanistic Psychology, Psychoanalytic Theory, Jungian, Cognitive-Behavioral, Insight-based, Family Systems, Imago (for couples), Gestalt, and Holistic (body-mind-spirit) practice. But of course, it depends on the client and the situation.

Of primary significance for me is the concept that is outlined in Carl Jung’s advice to the novice therapist:

“Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul.”

I really think that Jung understood that this practice of clinical therapy is a science as well as an art that requires we “fly by the seat of our pants,” as they say. When the door closes and a client and therapist enter into a session, one never knows what one is going to get, how the conversation will go, what will be revealed, changed, or realized. But the pure interaction among members of humanity is infinitely valuable, and where the healing happens.