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Do I have to fill out any paperwork before my first visit?


I have done everything in my power to simplify the paperwork in this process so that treatment can focus on you as much as possible. But I never skimp on getting a history, because that is very useful and could save us time in the long run. Before your first session you would fill out a history questionnaire that takes about 20 minutes. (Make this another link to the following detail): You can download this from the FORMS page of my website (click on Adult History Questionnaire,) print it, fill it out at your leisure and bring it with you to your first session, or you can come early before your first session and fill it out in my waiting room. We will review this together before you create the goals you want to work on in treatment. If you are coming for couples counseling, each of you should fill out your own form. If you are bringing a minor child in for treatment, there are two forms, one the child fills out about him/herself (Student History Questionnaire) and one that you would fill out about the child (Parent Questionnaire.)